Common Sense Immigration Reform

This is a long one kids, I’ve been fiddling with this for about a week, and it got out of hand in a hurry. the best way to view it is to pop it out into it’s own window by clicking the upper right hand corner of the viewer.

Crap, looks like you can’t access the links in google docs, hit the download button and it’s all gravy, to coin a phrase.

Download (PDF, 98KB)

Special props to Livious, The_Q_is, and sNapPpeRHeaD for their valuable input.

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4 Responses to Common Sense Immigration Reform

  1. The_Q says:

    The post really hit home how out of control the illegal immigration problem is. I absolutely concur with the idea of cutting off funding for sanctuary cities and also states that fund sanctuary cities. This is indeed overt lawlessness, which sends a signal to the people that some laws matter and others don't. We have laws on the books and each should be enforced with the same voracity. Municipalities that encourage this lawlessness also stick a finger in the eye of every immigrant that comes here and plays by all the rules to become legally American. Their citizens should pay their own way, and not burden the other citizens that pay into the system in good faith that their tax dollars are sustaining fellow law-abiding Americans.

  2. Chuck1125 says:

    Good points, however every single problem pointed out has come from the Judiciary and can only be cured by them!

  3. Chuck1125 says:

    The cure to the problem as I see it is an end to life time appointments and elections for Supreme Court Justices!

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